Follicular Unit Transplantation - FUT is the basic method in hair restoration surgery. In case of strip method donor material is taken from the permanent zone (the area in the back) in a shape of elipse. On the following stage, individual follicular units are prepared from the donor strip and then placed in premaked recipient sites.
Follicular Unit Transplantation gives an effective cosmetic outcome. The main reason is that hairs in case of FUT are transplanted in a form of follicular units exactly like in nature. Strip method gives an opportunity of harvesting and transplanting big amount of grafts, performing mega-sessions, Wastage of follicular units (Transection) during strip surgery is minimal and the survivability of transplanted grafts is high (90-100 %). The only disadvantage of strip method is a linear scar which appears on the back of the head on the same area from where donor strip is harvested. Though, our method of the donor wound closure based on trichophytic closure gives unnoticeable postoperative scars on the back of the head. The area from where the donor strip is harvested , is hardly observable even for your hairstylist. At Cosmedicure, we strive to provide our client with almost unnoticeable scars through trichophytic closure. The surgery is performed only under magnification which is very important for visualisation of the hair grafts. We ensure that your hair grafts stay out of the body for the smallest possible time for you to achieve an optimal result.




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