Long Hair Transplant

The main purpose of long hair transplant is the opportunity of seeing the final result of hair transplantation straight after the surgery and not after a year, as it happens in case of ordinary hair transplant procedures. Of course this is a provisional effect and transplanted long hair starts to fall out in a month and regrows after 2-3 months.


Immediate confirmation of natural look of transplanted hairs for both: for patient and for doctor. Completely unnoticed postoperative period comparing to other standard hair transplant procedures A better understanding of the causative factors of poor hair growth in case of poor final hair transplant result. Understanding the importance of maintaining donor resources for achieving a maximally good result. Long hair transplant procedure is quite time-consuming process and needs advanced technology of hair restoration. Only high experienced specialists are able to conduct it.

At Cosmedicure, we provide our clients with long hair transplants on request.




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