In cases of poor donor supply BHT (Body Hair Transplantation) allows harvesting of additional grafts from different parts of body (Chest, Beard, Legs, Pubic, etc.). Body Hair Transplantation is exactly the same FUE method when individual FU's are extracted from body.

At Cosmedicure, we combine Body Hair Transplant with FUE to ensure that you get maximum possible grafts in one sitting.

However the characteristics of body hair are different from that of scalp hair. Hence it has to be used intelligently to provide density on a previously transplanted scalp. Body hair can never grow as fast and as long as scalp hair hence it is never implanted individually in a region by itself.

In the hands of an experienced surgeon, Body hair grafts are an invaluable tool to achieve a fuller density, especially for advanced / repair cases who have a poor donor scalp and hence have been deemed ineligible for a transplant. We feel that the approach of Scalp + Body FUE is necessary to solve advance / repair cases for achieving the holy grail of a full head of hair.

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